Village Center Redevelopment Hearing July 22

The hearing continued on July 22 with those in opposition testifying.

The hearing continued on June 24 with those in opposition testifying.

The hearing continued on June 10 with those in opposition testifying.

As a preliminary matter at the June 3rd hearing, the Zoning Board considered a Motion for Continuance filed by Alan Schwartz, counsel for the Opposition and the Opposition to Motion for Continuance filed by Sang Oh, counsel for the Petitioner. The Zoning Board denied the Motion and continued with the hearing.

Should you have any questions, please contact Robin Regner, Zoning Administrator at or at 410-313-2395.

At several meetings throughout the fall and winter of 2018, the Village Board discussed the current health of the Village Center and the Board’s position on the redevelopment. On January 22, 2019, the Board approved an addendum to the Community Response Statement(CRS) that outlines aspects of the plan it supports and parts of the plan the Board would like to see revised. Click here to review the CRS addendum.  The Final Testimony was based on the Addendum to the CRS.

Who May Testify?

a. Individuals. The following individuals may appear before the Board providing that the individual,partnership, corporation, trust, association, political subdivision, body or department they represent is a party to the proceedings before the board:

  1. An individual may appear on his or her own behalf.
  2. A member of a partnership may represent the partnership.
  3. A duly appointed representative of a corporation, trust, or association may represent the corporation,trust, or association.
  4. A duly authorized representative or employee of a political subdivision, body, or department may represent the political subdivision, body, or department.

b. Spokesperson. When a group of individuals appear in opposition to a petition, the Board may request them to elect a spokesperson who shall have the power to cross-examine witnesses, call witnesses, introduce evidence on behalf of the group, object to the introduction of evidence, make opening and closing statements, and act in a representative capacity solely on behalf of those individuals electing the spokesperson. Those individuals not electing to be represented by a spokesperson may act on their own behalf.

c. Representation by Attorney-at-Law. Any party in a proceeding may be represented by an attorney-at-law admitted to practice law before the Court of Appeals of Maryland. Before the hearing begins, the attorney shall give the board written notification of the names and addresses of individuals he or she will be representing and his or her own name, address and telephone number.

d. Representatives of Associations; Number of Members; Geographical Limits. An individual testifying on behalf of any association shall substantiate that he or she is authorized to speak for and present the views of that association. The authorization may consist of a duly adopted resolution of the association signed by the president or attested by the secretary. The individual testifying shall state the number of members in the association and its geographic boundaries, if any

How To Testify?

Please be aware that all individuals who are called to testify or desire to testify at a hearing shall sign their own name to the roster in favor of or opposed to the petition before the Board, as the case may be. If a hearing is continued, only the individuals who have signed a roster prior to the end of the petitioner’s case or are called by the petitioner in rebuttal or the protestants in surrebuttal shall be permitted to testify.

For information about the Zoning Board Hearing process, including the Rules of Procedure, visit