Making Exterior Changes

The process usually takes 2 – 4 weeks

Step 1 – Application

Step 2 – Review

  • Application is given to Resident Architectural Committee (RAC) & published in Village Newsletter.
  • RAC members visit property to view site and plans.
  • RAC discusses application at its next meeting.

Step 3 – Decision

  • RAC recommends approval; approval with provisions; or denial; sends to Architectural Committee (AC).
  • AC member reviews and issues final decision. Application returned by email.

What are the architectural guidelines?

The Hickory Ridge Architectural Guidelines are based on the Covenants. They describe exterior alterations and in-home businesses that are most likely to be approved in typical circumstances. They also describe conditions that are likely to be violations of the Covenants.

Before you apply for an exterior alteration, please review the Guidelines that pertain to your proposal.

Hickory Ridge Architectural Guidelines (PDF)

Buying and Selling

If you are purchasing property in Columbia, we strongly suggest that you ask the seller to obtain a Letter of Compliance. Since covenant violations run with the property, purchasers are often surprised when they are asked to correct the previous homeowner’s violations.

Compliance Inspection Requests

If you are selling property in Columbia, please obtain a Letter of Compliance – documentation from your Village Association that your property is free of covenant violations. If there are existing violations, the letter will state what needs to be done to bring the property into compliance.

Please submit your request early. The site inspection can take up to two weeks; any unapproved alterations or maintenance violations will require additional time. Letters of compliance can take up to four weeks to complete. Please call the Hickory Ridge Covenant Advisor at 410-730-7327 if you should have any questions. You can fax the request to 410-992-5843.

RAC Meeting & Application Schedule

  • RAC Meeting
  • Jun 5, 2024
  • Jun 26, 2024
  • Jul 17, 2024
  • Aug 7, 2024
  • Aug 21, 2024
  • Sep 4, 2024
  • Sep 18, 2024
  • Oct 2, 2024
  • Applications Due
  • May 22, 2024
  • Jun 12, 2024
  • Jul 3, 2024
  • Jul 24, 2024
  • Aug 7, 2024
  • Aug 21, 2024
  • Sep 4, 2024
  • Sep 18, 2024