Lake Elkhorn Stream Restoration

Columbia Association (CA) is in the process of seeking approval for a stream restoration project that begins in Long Reach, heads south parallel to Dobbin Road, continues through Owen Brown and ends in Lake Elkhorn. As part of the project, CA has requested approval of a Mitigation Bank. Follow this link to learn what a Mitigation Bank is.

Some residents who would be impacted by the project have reached out to other organizations and asked them to comment on the Mitigation Bank proposed by CA. Here are some of the comment letters:

Patuxent Riverkeeper

Sierra Club, Maryland Chapter

Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Lake Elkhorn Mitigation Bank

Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Maryland Statewide Umbrella Mitigation Bank

United States Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service

Maryland Department of the Environment, Public Comment Period Extended

Army Corps of Engineers report 4.11.2022

More information:

Columbia Association Easement Request

Columbia Association Stream Restoration Education Session

DRG/WSSI Maryland Statewide Umbrella Mitigation Bank

What’s Next for Stream Restoration in Columbia

Center for Watershed Protection, “The Self-Recovery of Stream Channel Stability in Urban Watersheds”

CA Memo – Lake Elkhorn Stream Project