Village Center Update, 5/1/2024

May 15, 2024

Kimco has appealed the Howard County Zoning Board’s decision to deny their petition to redevelop the Hickory Ridge Village Center. The appeal was heard by the Appellate Court of Maryland in Annapolis on March 12, 2024. No decision has been released by the Appellate Court. The Appellate Court may overturn the decision, which would allow Kimco to pursue the redevelopment plan, or the Appellate Court may uphold the decision of the Howard County Zoning Board, who denied the petition to redevelop.

If the Appellate Court upholds the decision of the Howard County Zoning Board, then there is one possible avenue for appeal remaining. Or, Kimco may wait the required three years and submit a new plan to redevelop the Village Center. Of course, Kimco could also abandon any plans for redeveloping the Village Center.

To contact Kimco, call (833) 800-4343.