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Come out and vote! Hickory Ridge Village Elections will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at The Hawthorn Center, 9 am to 3 pm. Residents will elect five members to serve on the Hickory Ridge Village Board and one member to serve as our Columbia Council Representative. In the event quorum is not met at the first election, a second election will be held on Saturday, May 12, 9 am to noon at The Hawthorn Center. To view the 2018 Election Schedule, click here.

If you have questions about this process, please contact the Village Manager at or call the village office at 410-730-7327.


Village Board – Five Open Seats

TAMARA BISHOP (Clemens Crossing)

I am interested in serving on the Hickory Ridge Village Board.  I am a Maryland native and currently a stay at home mother of three.  I have a Master’s degree in Social Work with a special concentration in Community Development and a Bachelor’s degree in Community Studies and Civic Engagement.  I believe that diversity is important and that people in positions of power should be reflective of the community for which they serve.  Diversity, experience, and passion for community are some of the attributes that I possess as a potential board member.

FRED JOHNSTON (Clemens Crossing)

My name is Fred Johnston and I have been a Hickory Ridge resident for over 10 years.  My family and I moved to this village because it has the best of what Columbia offers – quiet tree lined streets and paths, good schools, a diverse population, parks and pools, and many options for shopping and dining.  Redevelopment of the Hickory Ridge Village Center, the development of the Birghtview Living community, and all of the changes to Town Center will have a significant impact on life in Hickory Ridge.  If re-elected to the Village Board of Directors, I will do all I can to ensure that our village not only survives the changes, but thrives in the years to come.


It has been a privilege for me to serve on our village board. Our community is very important to me. As someone who works in the community management profession, I understand that one of the top priorities of every homeowner is to protect the value of his or her home.

My goal in being on the board is to assist in the continuing growth of our wonderful community while maintaining the beauty, value and appeal of our village.  The redevelopment of our Village Center continues to be a great concern within the community and I believe that all members of the community should have vital input into the decisions made by the board that affect the community, and I want to ensure that all residents are fairly and appropriately represented when making these decisions.

I would appreciate your vote.

JESSAMINE DUVALL (Clemens Crossing)

Many residents may remember me as the Hickory Ridge Village Manager from 2011-2016. While I’ve since moved on to another job, my heart has remained in Hickory Ridge. In fact, I love this village so much that I moved my family to Hickory Ridge last year! My kids love our neighborhood schools and my husband loves walking our dog on the pathways. I now hope to serve our village again but in a different role, as a Village Board member. My years of experience working for our village have given me a deep understanding of how Columbia Association and our local government operate. I understand village operations, the board’s role in our community, HOA legal issues, and the best way to advocate for our neighborhood and its future. I would be honored to receive your vote.

SKYE ANDERSON (Clary’s Forest)

This year the Clarys Forest neighborhood does not have a representative on the Hickory Ridge Board: I’d like to rectify that! I‘ve lived in Clarys since 1990 (except for 16 months deployed to Afghanistan), and, being retired, I may have more time to devote to the issues we face. I’ve been active in village life, serving on the Residential Architectural Committee (RAC) for several years, the Architectural Committee (to hear appeals) and each of the other committees.

I will work to increase participation by residents of apartments, condos, and townhouses: as a Board member I will continue to attend Village events as I have for many years and will seek the opinions of my neighbors by actively asking your opinions. I will strive to educate myself and you on the issues and to represent the majority views of my neighbors.

Please come out and vote!

 ALLISON SULTAN (Clemens Crossing)

It has been a special privilege to serve on the Hickory Ridge Village Board for the past two years.  I believe the work we are doing is vitally important to keeping our village the livable, friendly home that we all enjoy.  The major issues that have been put before – those that impact our homes and our village center, our schools, open spaces, and recreational areas – give us an opportunity to thoughtfully consider the type of community we want to live in both today and years from now.  As a ten year resident of Clemens Crossing I take the responsibility of representing the residents of Hickory Ridge seriously and if re-elected commit to continuing to serve as an open set of eyes and ears representing the views of our residents in the best way possible. Thank you for your consideration.

Columbia Council Representative- One Open Seat

GREGG SCHWIND (Clary’s Crossing)

I have served as the Hickory Ridge Village representative on the CA Board for nearly nine years.  There is much on CA’s plate in the coming year as several of our major facilities continue to receive much-needed major upgrades, including the Athletic Club, the Swim Center, and the Supreme Sports Club.  The construction of CA’s new tennis facility is almost complete.  My Board goals this coming year include making our memberships more financially accessible to residents, looking at ways that CA can better engage young people, and insuring that major redevelopment is consistent with the Columbia plan.  My commitment as always is to ensure that Columbia’s values are preserved and that residents get the most for their assessment and membership dollars.  I once again ask for and appreciate your vote.


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