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This periodic “advice column” addresses common questions about the Hickory Ridge village covenants and other property maintenance concerns. To keep it interesting, your questions are answered by a local feline who is surprisingly well-versed in covenant issues. Although still in the village, Boo Boo retired from his position as Covenant Cat. Fortunately, another friendly feline named Pearl has taken his cozy spot. Send your burning covenant questions to

Airbnbs in Hickory Ridge

Dear Covenant Cat:

I believe my neighbors are running an Airbnb out of their home. I frequently see cars parked overnight that don’t belong to residents on the street. Plus, I have seen people I don’t recognize come and go from the property. I’m concerned about the increase of traffic on my street. Are Airbnbs allowed in our village?

                                   – Stumped at Steamboat Landing

Dear Stumped:

I’ve twitched my whiskers over your question as there may be many reasons for the extra cars on your street and one shouldn’t jump to conclusions. However, the answer to your question is no, Airbnb rentals, i.e. for less than 30 consecutive days, are not permitted in the Howard County NT Zoning District. Hickory Ridge Village is in the NT Zoning District, so your neighbor, if running an Airbnb, would be in violation of the Howard County Code.

It is very possible that your neighbor simply doesn’t know that Airbnbs are not permitted. A conversation with your neighbor, if you are comfortable, may resolve the issue. However, you may report a possible Airbnb to Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning (DPZ) at 410-313-2350. DPZ will be able to walk you through the violation process and answer any questions you may have.

You may always speak with the Covenant Advisor at the village office if you have further questions.

Happy Paws,


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