Little Free Library

Hickory Ridge is now home to a Little Free Library! Located in front of The Hawthorn Center, the hand-crafted structure will be filled with collections of books donated and shared by people of all ages.

Take Books: If you see something you’d like to read, take it! It’s for you. Some books include a note about who gave it or has read it. You may leave your own note in it when your’e done.

Share Books: When you’re finished with a book, you may pass it on to a friend, or return it to this Library or any other Little Free Library.

Leave Books: Your books are welcome at our Little Free Library. If you only have one or two, feel free to place them in the library if there is room. If you have more books to donate, please drop them off at The Hawthorn Center. We will be maintaining a book collection to replenish and rotate, as necessary.

We hope Hickory Ridge residents enjoy the library and make good use of it! To learn more more about the Little Free Library organization at Please feel free to call the village office if you have questions.

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