Inclement Weather Policy

With winter right around the corner, we are posting information about how we make decisions whether or not to close The Hawthorn Center in the event of bad weather. This information is especially important to renters of The Hawthorn Center.

How we decide: We do not follow local school or government closing decisions. We evaluate current and potential weather conditions and decide independently whether to open, close or alter the hours at The Hawthorn Center. Our primary concern at such times is the safety of our employees. Among the factors we consider are local road conditions and whether or not our sidewalks and parking lots can be cleared promptly.

How we notify: If we make a decision to close the facility due to weather conditions, we will post the information on our website ( by 8 am for daytime rentals (starting before 5 pm) and by 1 pm for evening rentals (starting at 5 pm or later) on the date in question. We also try to contact the responsible person listed on the contract for any scheduled rental at our building.

Renter Responsibilities: It is the obligation of that responsible person to contact their own participants. If we decide to close the building, we will offer the affected renter an opportunity to reschedule at a mutually convenient time or to receive a full refund.

If the facility is open and you decide to cancel your event, we will not grant a refund. All fees you have paid will be forfeited. We appreciate that your own circumstances may cause such a cancellation but, since we have decided that our facilities can be available for your use, we cannot provide any compensation for your cancellation.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the village office, 410-730-7327, immediately so that your cancellation decisions are based on full information.

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