Hickory Ridge Mowers List

If the back of your property abuts a main road in the Village (Cedar Lane, Martin Rd., Audubon Dr., Quarterstaff, etc.) please remember that it is your responsibility to mow and maintain the grassy area between the sidewalk and curb, including the area around street trees. This is true even if the back of your property is wooded. If you have questions about whether this applies to you, contact the village office and we can help you clarify your responsibility.

If you live on a street with a cul-de-sac circle, please remember that, per Howard County Code, maintenance of the circle (including mowing) is the shared responsibility of the property owners whose homes face the circle. It’s not fair for one homeowner to do all the work. If you need mowing help, the following people are on our Mowers List.

  • Jim Fonseca 202-415-7380
  • Philip Frazier (Clemens) 410-964-9809
  • Nathan Moody (Clemens) 410-740-8470
  • Alex Moody (Clemens) 410-740-8470
  • Kiana Shurkin (Hawthorn) 443-996-7709
  • Jacob Sultan (Clemens) 443-608-4544

If you’d like your name to be added to the list, please call the village office at 410-730-7327.


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