Cedar Lane Water Pumping Station

A Pre-Submission meeting was held on January 25 to present Howard County’s plans to construct a water pumping station at the corner of Cedar Lane and Hilltop Lane.  The station will be contained within a structure built to look like a single-family home. For more information, click PUMPING STATION

The water main is now being divided into two smaller phases:

  • Contract 44-5077 – Approx 530 lf of 12” water main will be installed this Fall along Cedar Lane to close a loop between Cedar Fern Court and Holland Court.  This will impact the 2 southbound lanes (in front of the Methodist Church) between the hours of 9am and 3pm. As of October 3, the exact dates have yet to be set from the contractor, but the intention is to have the new water main installed and the final paving within the work zone limits completed before this Winter.  Public Notice and yellow Capital Project Signs will be installed prior to construction.
  • Contract 44-5046 – Approx 1000 lf of 16” water main will be installed next year along Cedar Lane between the new pumping station site near Hilltop Lane and Cedar Wood Court.  Similarly to the above, this will impact the 2 southbound lanes between the work hours of 8am and 4pm (hours are subject to change).

The pumping station (Contract 44-5036) is still set to be advertised for bid this Fall.  Actual site construction to begin Spring 2019.

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